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07 Jan


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The place to buy or sell ANYTHING. A place that pretty much everyone has heard of and probably been to at least once. eBay may thrill you, compel you or frustrate you, but it has great value for anyone who takes the time to look. With 2 million visitors every day, a world-side audience and “anything can sell” mentality, eBay maintains a vital e-commerce presence on the Internet.

These days, most of us can use a bit more money. eBay is the place to get a deal on items we need anyways, and it is a fun place to sell items we don’t need anymore, putting the cash back in our pockets.

I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for 6 years. I am convinced that eBay provides the absolute quickest way to make some money online. I can say that because of my own experience with eBay. Years ago I began selling items I found around my house. I am not talking about antiques or collectors’ items here, just normal items I had that I was no longer using but that still had some usefulness. As these items began to sell, I found more “treasures” right in my home. As happens to many others when they discover the thrill of selling on eBay (and how easy it is), I was hooked. Because I have a penchant for finding great “deals ” when I shop, it occurred to me that I could sell those finds also. That began my full time business on eBay–a business that has given me my powerseller status for 4 years.

I now teach a class in my local community on how to utilize eBay for commerce. Just as I have been dedicated to teaching local folks about eBay, I hope to bring my experience here on this blog to any who want to learn more about eBay and the phenomenal opportunity found there.

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14 May

Garage and Yard Sale Season

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As we move into  spring and  summer,  garage sales are on my mind.

Some of the best (and most inexpensive for the return) inventory can be found at garage, yard or tag sales.

Folks want to get rid of their “stuff” to make a little money, and others want to buy in order to sell (…and sometimes to keep).

I came across this darling video of a little girl with “Yard Sale Meltdown”. She  loves these sales so much and she doesn’t see why she can’t go to one at night.


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18 Apr

First Things First

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The first thing you want to do when you come to eBay, if you haven’t already, is register. It a fairly simple process and besides basic information, only requires you choose an eBay ID, password and secret question (for security). I would recommend you think about your ID a bit. Will you be selling any particular items? You might pick a name that matches those items.  eBay gives you some tips on how to choose a great name here also. When I first signed up I took the ID eBay gave me, not knowing I could have chosen a better one. Now I know I can change my ID to match my store or some niche product I sell. In fact, eBay lets you change your ID every 30 days! I wouldn’t recommend that as it could be confusing for your regular customers who need to find you. The point is, don’t worry too much about the name you give yourself at this stage. Just get registered!

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18 Apr

Selling Children’s Clothes

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Though I stated out selling on eBay with items I already had around the house, I quickly began buying what I knew I could get a good deal on and then resell at a profit, and that was clothes–specifically children’s clothes. I knew from experience that there were a lot of good deals out there for buying clothing during seasonal changes as well as sales all year long. I knew there were extra coupons for money off (many could be purchased right on eBay) and store credit cards with extra percentages off on purchases in the specific store that could be “stacked ” with the current sale, resulting in significant savings. I already was buying for my family in this way and loved doing it! So I decided to jump into buying and reselling Gymboree and Gap clothing-two big sellers on eBay.

Gymboree clothes

Besides being quality and cute clothing for babies and kids, both Gymboree and Gap feature specific lines introduced several times a year that have coordinating clothes and accessories all matching in color, pattern and theme. If the line happens to be a popular one, it tends to sell out quicker and that is where eBay comes in. Someone who misses getting a certain items to match will turn to eBay to find that item and is prepared to pay a little more (and sometimes a LOT more) to get it.

Like many items sold on eBay, Gymboree had a HUGE hayday when it was first sold on eBay–more so than now. And many sellers have jumped on the Gymboree selling band wagon thinking to make a quick buck, driving prices down and glutting the market on eBay. But there is still money to be made selling Gymboree and I’ve continued to do so for the last 7 1/2 years. I like to say Gymboree is the bread & butter of my business, the constant that regularly delivers. I don’t make a huge profit on most items, but enough to make it worth my while. And for me, purchasing Gymboree is so easy (even though I live over 100 miles from the nearest Gymboree store!) with online ordering, and profitable using the extra coupons and regular sales.

One big plus about selling clothing is that I found it to be very easy to ship. After having sold many different types and sizes of items from my home and scrambling to find all manner and shape of boxes/shipping material to send them in, shipping clothing was a breeze! I purchased white poly shipping bags in several sizes (in bulk on eBay, of course) and could quickly slip one or more items into a bag, simply place the shipping label on and it was out the door. These bags were manageable to store because they didn’t take up too much room and convenient to find and buy. I still sell all kinds of other items on eBay so I keep a lot of boxes and packing materials for shipping (the storage of which is a problem), and each sale item poses a new challenge in finding just the right box to fit it in, so I continue to appreciate the simplicity of shipping clothing.

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03 Feb

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Before I even started selling on eBay, I sold on  I was trying to come up with some extra money and wanted to sell some of our books, CDs and VHS tapes that we no longer wanted. I chose because I could simply put in the UPC code of the item and all the information would come up automatically. I didn’t have to take any pictures, make a description or figure out how much postage to charge, as I would have in an eBay listing.  (Incidentally, is now owned by eBay, but is wasn’t at the time.)

I had purchased the BBC Dramatization Abridged Version of  ” The Lord Of the Rings” on Audio CD for my  family. This was even before the movies came out. We had read all of the volumes to each other out loud more than once, and everyone really wanted the books on CD. Believe it or not, this was the only one I could find at the time! No movie out yet, remember? So I reluctantly purchased it, knowing that what we really wanted was the unabridged version, and not dramatized. The kids listened to it once and, as expected, were disappointed. So I put it on a shelf and felt bad about it every time I saw it. That lasted about a year, until I decided to list it in our local internet carrier “for sale” section, hoping someone would want to buy it for Christmas. But I had no takers.

That’s when I turned to the Internet. I was very new at being online at the  time and really knew nothing selling, but had done some buying on The listing was very easy; I simply typed in the UPC code and put in my price and was done. And amazingly, it sold overnight to someone across the country from me! I was so excited, as you can imagine, and started to day dream right away of the possibilities before me.

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